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MIVV Speed Edge Of Pot Steel Exhaust Yamaha Xt1200z Supertenere 2018 18

MIVV Speed Edge Of Pot Steel Exhaust Yamaha Xt1200z Supertenere 2018 18
MIVV Speed Edge Of Pot Steel Exhaust Yamaha Xt1200z Supertenere 2018 18

MIVV Speed Edge Of Pot Steel Exhaust Yamaha Xt1200z Supertenere 2018 18   MIVV Speed Edge Of Pot Steel Exhaust Yamaha Xt1200z Supertenere 2018 18

Mivv choose us like official reseller web. This is a guarantee for. Mivv speed edge EXHAUST approves steel for yamaha XT1200Z supertenere 2010>. The kit includes the link-pipe (if necessary), and all mounting hardware.

The exhausts are developed with the original ECU, so the assembly does not require the remapping of the same, nor additional ECU assembly. Complete your order with a BMC air filter here. Complete your order with an air filter filter sprint here.

Complete your order with a Bazzaar control unit here. Mivv speed edge: has a hexagon design That Allows It To get extremely close to the motorbike frame. The exhaust Provides significant weight reductions Improving the performance of the motorbike. The end cap and the Securing bracket are made of carbon. The exhaust is equipped with a removable db-killer.

The MIVV speed edge is available in 2 versions. Stainless steel (brushed stainless steel).

Stainless black (black brushed stainless steel called \Power and compliance with regulations. The power generated by the bike last generation and the increasingly stringent regulations for road builders require exhaust after-market research That solution combines stringent technical requirements and design. Mivv sponds to all of this onto a road with the innovative Speed ​​??

Edge project: a new exhaust able of exploiting year volume That can Accommodate a catalyst, remaining on the track without incurring the creative aftermarket classic \To make this very special new exhaust \In fact, the project Took into account Both speededge MIVV extreme power of the latest big sports That require the use of very high collector diameters From Both the use of city vehicle. Edge aussi icts limits footprint thanks to design a \In terms of materials used MIVV HAS Provided a release coated steel. Further distinguishing features are the cup and the strap anchor in fine carbon. The grafts are Provided with bushings, Entirely made of tig welds, finishes of the Highest Level. Carbon bottom, impregnated with special high-temperature-resistant resins. Sound-absorbing can constructed with a blend of the texturized fabrics specially Studied for Lowering noise and able to be high temperature resistant. Removable pipe (dB - Killer) Studied to guarantee perfect compliance with the current noise regulations and at the time Sami able of exalting muffler's thunderous sound. CNC-machined AISI 304 stainless steel bushing to Ensure perfect couplings with the connecting pipes.

Carbon fiber Fastening strap, to keep high resistance to mechanical stresses. Innovative design totally Made in Italy. Very good torque and power performance.

Huge weight loose Unlike stock system. Shrill sound Studied for an extreme product use. Homologated silencer in compliance with the directives had. In 1994 the passion and experience of fabrizio Bertollini created omnia racing, with the aim of Representing a Reference Point for everyone bottom of bikes.

In 2000, When Salvatore orefice join omnia racing, the omnia racing special parts project is founded, a society based on the passion and competence needed to create and trade the top products for motorbikes. Our continuous search for perfection and performance, using advanced technology, Has allowed omnia racing special parts to interact with Internationally famous pilots and teams. Our products are excellent for Both road and system use.

They are Constantly tested by our technicians and pilots, THUS Improving the techicnal, structural and dynamical features of the materials and of the special adopté Produced shares. The Experience Gained through the years HAS permitted omnia racing special parts to be extremely selective in the choice of the firms and of the products distributed. Accostato, afam, aim, akrapovic, andreani, arrow, Bazzaz, bc battery controller, bitubo, bmc, braking, Brembo, bst, capit, Castrol, derry motorcycle, tuning fork, DID, Discacciati, eibach, ek, fabbri, far, FrenTubo , Galfer, gbracing, giannelli, gifrap, givi, gopro hero, gpt, H2O, Hagon ixil, Jollymoto, kappa, laser, lcr saddle leovince, Lightech, mafra, marchesini, MARVIC, marzocchi, mastered, MIVV, MRA, nissin , ohlins, pBR, polini, pt, rhizomes, rm, robby motorcycle, sachs, STM, stomp, superb, Suter, Termignoni, Valtermoto. Omnia racing special parts is in close touch with customers ict, Taking to share Several significant events: Bike Expo padova, national and international races, free tour sessions.

On the web, our \This shoulds allow our customers to feel at ease and to trust us. The item \exhaust \ silent, deflectors \The seller is \

  1. Brand: MIVV <\/ li>
  2. manufacturer part number: y.Lrx - 7449 <\/ li>
  3. marca veicolo: yamaha <\/ li>
  4. manufacturing country: Italy <\/ li>
  5. Manufacturer warranty: 2 years <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    MIVV Speed Edge Of Pot Steel Exhaust Yamaha Xt1200z Supertenere 2018 18   MIVV Speed Edge Of Pot Steel Exhaust Yamaha Xt1200z Supertenere 2018 18